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OPINION - Seeking arrangement

by Chris Conley

NEWS BLOG (WSAU)  A woman who sells sex for money is a prostitute. A woman who goes on dates for money is an escort. Period. What she uses the money for – be it a drug-and-alcohol binge or a donation to her favorite charity – is beside the point.

Apparently there are some young women who think none of this applies of they’re doing it to pay for college. The web site seekingarrangement.com matches college-age women with older men with money who’ll pay for their tuition. Apparently these arrangements are being more and more common.

Some will say this is victimless, although morally bankrupt. The Sugar Daddy knows he’s getting arm candy for his money. The co-ed rationalizes that this arrangement is better than owing tens-of-thousands in student loans.

There used to be B-movies from the 70s about sweet, innocent girls who pay for college by becoming strippers or posing for pictures. Those stories were more cliché than true. But now technology has made those often-tall-tales a reality. And, after graduation, there would surely be signs. Someone who uses their body for tuition is likely to use their charms in other situations. Maybe in our values-neutral society this arrangement will be dressed up in new words. The student has a “patron” or a “sponsor”. Hardly. A college student who sleeps with her sugar daddy is a prostitute. A college student who dates her sugar daddy is an escort. What’s gained if your education comes at the expense of morals?

Chris Conley