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OPINION - So, how'd they do it?

by Chris Conley

NEWS BLOG (WSAU)   Baseball suspensions are coming down today. It’s a day that raises more questions than answers.

The NFL wants to begin testing for human growth hormone, and there are many reports that HGH use is rampant. The last testing snag is whether baseline testing, which the NFL would begin this season, would count against players who test positive. The players union wants the baseline test to be a free pass. They say it would also be a chance for players who are using to get clean. I tend to side with the union. I think most players who are using will stop if they know with certainty they’ll get caught.

There are still murky areas. Suppose a professional athlete is injured. HGH would help them recover faster. I think this should be allowed. After all, they’re not playing – they’re hurt. And the longer an athlete stayed sidelined, the more their career suffers.

There’s one part that’s missing from this story. How are they beating the tests? Ryan Braun was the most tested player in baseball – he passed all of his tests except one. When you’re caught and punished, you should have to reveal exactly how you cheated before you’re reinstated. The real way to clean up the game is to figure out how the cheaters were getting away with it.

Chris Conley