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OPINION - Stone throwers, and their glass houses

by Chris Conley

NEWS BLOG (WSAU) Bigots have rights, too. The rules and the law don't suddenly change because someone's mind is filled with socially unacceptable thoughts. So, although I don't like him as a person, I'm on Donald Sterling's side in his dispute with the NBA.

And while I strongly dislike his words, I dislike the hypocrisy of the other actors in this drama even more. It seems once someone is labeled a racist, their hated trumps whatever rules are in place.

As yourself two questions:

In your life, have you said something that if secretly recorded and shared publicly would damage your reputation? If your answer is yes, then you have an appreciation of what's happened to Donald Sterling. So what price should you pay for your impure thought? Job loss? Having your bank accounts and financial portfolio stripped? Losing some of your possessions?

Next, should you be responsible for bigoted, closed-minded, racially charged comments made by members of your family? If your answer is no, of course not, then you understand the surreal situation that Sterling's estranged wife finds herself in. She's at risk of being stripped of her 50-percent ownership of the team because of what he said.

Sterlings lawyer says the $2.5-million fine will not be paid, because there was no due process. His lawyer says the team will not be sold without a fight.

So here are a few more questions, specifically for Magic Johnson, LeBron James, and the NBA players who are considering a boycott next season. Have you ever said something in private about another race or ethnic group that, if secretly recorded, would give you a Donald Sterling problem? If so, why shouldn't you be fined and banned from the league, too?

Donald Sterling is completely unlikable. But his critics are a bunch of stone-throwers who live in glass houses.

Chris Conley

IMAGE: Donald Sterling (REUTERS) via wsau.com