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OPINION - Taking the fun out of Halloween

by Chris Conley

NEWS BLOG (WSAU)   There’s no reason for Halloween to become a complicated holiday. It’s quite simple. People have fun getting dressed up in costumes. It’s no more, no less.

In Schofield for the last few days there’s been a religious group that’s been picketing along the roadside telling people that Halloween is Satan’s holiday. I’m only commenting on this because this ludicrous idea seems to be gaining traction.

“Worship” is active, not passive. If you are worshiping God, you’re taking part in a conscious act – either by praying, thinking, talking, singing – whatever. If you were to worship a dark underlord, you’d be doing the same thing. It would be an intentional act. The millions of kids who dress up as Superman, or cheerleaders, or cowboys, or princess-fairies are doing no such thing. Even the kid who chooses a dark, scary costume is consciously planning to collect candy; they’re not offering their soul to Beelzebub. Religious, faithful Christians who can’t tell the difference are making themselves look ridiculous. And no one wins souls by coming between little Johnny and his fun-size Snickers bars.

Certainly the zealous faithful are not the only people out to ruin the fun of Halloween. Consider this letter that was dropped into the candy bags and buckets of some trick-or-treaters in Fargo:

The operative part of this rude note is “in my opinion”.  People who offer their opinion in situations where it isn’t asked for and isn’t wanted are jerks.

No, it does not take a village. My children are raised by me and my family. And you, sir or ma’am, are the village idiot.