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OPINION - The broadcasters meeting

by Chris Conley

NEWS BLOG (WSAU)  I've spent the day at the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association's annual winter meeting in Madison. Some of our delegates heard from Governor Walker (a few hours before his state of the state address on Wednesday night). Other broadcasters spent the day speaking with state lawmakers. We heard from two legal experts on EEO and hiring regulations. And we held our annual job far.

A few observations about job-seekers and the job-market:

First, one station in our area has a plum opening for a sportscaster. (As background, it's almost cliche that every young man who interviews for a broadcasting job really wants to do sports... they may be willing to accept a job as a newsperson or a deejay while hoping for their big play-by-play break. Unfortunately most young sports talent is only "fair"... not very "good"... and it's never a good idea to hire someone for one job when they really want to be doing something else.) There's no money in it. Tom King and I do high school play-by-play for money on the side. If one person did all the play-by-play in the market, from high school football, to Woodchucks, to announcing wrestling meets it still wouldn't add up to enough money to make a living. Still, there will be many eager young applicants. It will be interesting to see who gets the gig.

Secondly, looks matter at any job fair. About half the people who show up are properly dressed -- shirt and tie for the men and business-professional tailoring for the ladies. The dress for the other half gets worse from year to year. This year's job-applicant fashion show included ripped jeans, t-shirts and sweat pants. If someone shows poor judgement when they get dressed, what happens when they have to make a real decision?

Chris Conley

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