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OPINION - The Packers and your computer

by Chris Conley

NEWS BLOG (WSAU)  A new season of Packers football begins on Friday night, and there is something new from the Packers Radio Network. For the first time, we'll be able to stream the games through the listen-live portal at wsau.com.

Until now, the NFL reserved the internet rights to their games. Our license to air the Packers had been for radio broadcast only.

What's changed? Well, you've already seen a glimpse of it if you watch Sunday Night Football. As Faith Hill sings, a legion of fans at the front of the stage hold up their Verizon phones. That's the NFL's official mobile partner. Other radio stations can stream the games from computer desktops. But the on-line dealing stops there. Only Verizon mobile devices can get the games and only through the nfl.com app. 

So what will happen when you go to wsau.com? For starters, we won't have to black out the game this year. But what will happen if you use your smartphone? Nothing. Technology today knows if you're accessing our feed from phone, and that remains Verizon's and the NFL's territory.

There's incredible demand for Packers content. We're glad to be able to bring it to you in a new way this season.

Chris Conley