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OPINION - The real embarrassment about Bill Clinton and 'The Energizer'

by Chris Conley

I'd wanted to talk about this topic while I was guest-hosting the WSAU Feedback show this morning. Time got away from me, so I'll blog about it now.

NEWS BLOG (WSAU) Bill Clinton behaved dishonorably in 1998 with White House intern Monica Lewinski. He was disrespectful of the office that he held, and he was also disrespectful to his wife and his many political supporters. But Secret Service agents who've leaked details of his personal life in an anonymous tell-all book have also behaved dishonorably.

You've probably heard the scandalous rumor that these days Mr. Clinton keeps a mistress, and that his lady-friend comes calling after Mrs. Clinton leaves their family home in Chappaqua.

I'm not particularly interested in whether it's true. The book,The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of Presidents by Ronald Kessler, claims a buxom blonde code-named 'The Energizer' is allowed to have clearance to and from the former President's house. The book even tells of a so-called close call, when she had to be snuck out when Mrs. Clinton returned home unexpectedly.

What I am interested in is the men and women who's job it is to protect the Clintons and have violated their oath by opening their mouths. Let's remember, Mr. Clinton is now a private citizen. And having a permanent security detail isn't his choice -- it's a requirement for former presidents once they leave office. Now that he's no longer an elected official, what goes on in his home (and in his bedroom) isn't a state secret or a national security issue. Being surrounded by secret agents is a big enough intrusion on anyone'sprivate life. To have them kiss-and-tell is more of an embarrassment to their office than whatever Mr. Clinton is doing outside his marriage.

Chris Conley

Image:Former U.S. President Bill Clinton speaks after being awarded the Frederick D. Patterson Award by the United Negro College Fund at their 63rd annual dinner in New York in this file photo from March 9, 2007.REUTERS/Chip East via wsau.com