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OPINION - The silly stuff

by Chris Conley

NEWS BLOG (WSAU) While I was away on vacation, there was no shortage of foolishness to comment on.

Consider this gem: Brenda Howard, a worker at a medical office, quit her job over the Trayvon Martin case   She “needed to do something” after the verdict. So she decided to download the image of a hoodie and make it the screen saver on her computer. Her boss told her to change it. Instead of complying, she quit.

Think for a moment of all the other “somethings” Ms. Howard could have done: join a protest walk, start a web page, post a hoodie yard sign on her front lawn, volunteer at a community center, organize with her church, and so-on… but the “something” she chose was at work – where employees are set their personal causes aside and focus on their boss’ work. I’d think of this as silly if it wasn’t also so dumb.

Harold Meyerson wrote one of the most weak-minded political commentaries I’ve seen, comparing cramped airplanes to the economy. He rails against Spirit Airline, which tells flyers upfront exactly where they’re about. They offer the cheapest, rock-bottom fares in the skies, but you’ll pay for everything else – including carry on bags. Everyone’s told the deal up-front, and, sure enough there’s a market for deeply-discounted no-frills travel. Other airlines are finding that there’s also a profitable market niche for luxury air travel, so they’re upgrading their first-class services on long-haul routes.

Meyerson tells us this is an analogy for a rich-get-richer economy, while the rest of the economic have-nots herded into narrow coach seats.

Silly. A healthy economy is not like an airplane cabin. It’s growing and expanding, with more opportunity and leg-room for everyone.

While in New York City, I ate at a McDonalds where workers had been protesting for $15-an-hour  earlier in the day. My McChicken sandwich was made wrong. I picked it up and discovered that I was given only half a bun. The bottom part of my sandwich had no bread underneath it. Maybe $22-an-hour is the right price for getting the product right.

Chris Conley

PS – I had a smile on my face during my vacation because of WSAU’s ratings. I’d shared with you six months ago that we were the most-listened-to radio station in Central Wisconsin. In the most recent survey, released last week, our ratings went even higher.

WSAU overall, the WSAU Wisconsin Morning News, WSAU Feedback, The Jerry Bader Show, and the Milwaukee Brewers broadcasts all win their time-slots.

All of the WSAU airstaff join me in expressing our gratitude that you enjoy listening.