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OPINION - Tom King

by Chris Conley

NEWS BLOG (WSAU) Congratulations to Tom King, who was named Sportscaster of the Year at the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association awards on Saturday night. (The awards are based on market size... so, no, Tom did not beat out Bob Uecker or Wayne Larrivee for this honor.) Tom has been the voice of the Wausau-East Lumberjacks sports since 1995 on Fox Sports AM-1390 FM-93.9, and will mark his 20 th season in the East broadcast booth when next fall's football season begins.

If you follow high school sports, you already know that Tom King's play-by-play is excellent. His sportscasts on the WSAU Wisconsin Morning News cover a lot of ground in a limited amount of time.

Tom is also a Central Wisconsin baseball Hall-of-Famer as the long-time coach of Wausau's American Legion team.

Chris Conley