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OPINION - Two parades

by Chris Conley

NEWS BLOG (WSAU)  The irony is so ripe it needs to be commented on.

WAOW -TV did some investigative work into the since-cancelled Wausau gay pride parade. They found out that the supposed organizer Daxx Bouvier probably isn't a real person. Earlier reports said he lived in California but had a vacation home here.

The TV station found a David Blake, who claimed to be a friend of Bouvier and was helping to organize the parade. The reporter took Blake's picture and showed it around. After a short time it became clear the Blake and Bouvier are the same person.

So... people who are gay or lesbian are supposed to march and show pride in who they are, while the organizer of the event hides in the shadows. 

The happy ending to this story is the very large turn-out for the similar-but-separate March For Equality. It was organized by Shannon Thomas, a real person who indeed lives in Wausau. The authentic event was a success. The suspiciously ginned-up event failed. As it should be.

Chris Conley