Famous Face

There's a famous face hidden behind these squares.
If you know who it is, you could win our cash jackpot.

How To Play

We'll take a contestant each morning after the 7am news on AM-550 FM-99.9 WSAU. Each morning we'll reveal what's behind one of the lettered squares.

If our contestant correctly guesses who the famous person behind the squares is, they win the cash. If they guess wrong, they'll pick one of the numbered squares to reveal more of the famous face... and everyone gets to play again tomorrow.

Our jackpot starts at $250 for each game and will drop $50 after each incorrect guess.

The Current Game Board

Here's the game board in its current state. We will reveal squares as they are picked.

Today's Jackpot

Famous Face Game Board

Would You Like To Be A Contestant?

If you'd like to be a contestant, either call in or fill out the form below and we may call you. You only need to register once for the entire duration of the contest.