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Create Your Own Adventure: 'The Walking Dead'

By Shaunna Murphy, Hollywood.com Staff

Why hello there, latest member of the so-called ""Grimes Gang."" That's right — like it or not, you've made the cut. The comfortable life you've always known is forever gone, your family and friends are flesh-eating monsters, and now you have no choice but to try to make it in a post-apocalyptic version of the American south east with this ragtag bunch of zombie killin' misfits. Humidity, gross!

Whenever you tune in to The Walking Dead, part of you wonders how you yourself would fare should you find yourself in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Would you pull a Sophia and run into the wilderness, never to return? Would you take on a leadership role like Rick? Would you be a crossbow-wielding badass like Daryl Dixon? Well, now it's your turn to find out. Before Walking Dead makes its Oct. 14 debut, click through our version of a ""choose your own adventure"" to learn the consequences of your theoretical actions.


When we last left the Grimes Gang, they were in shambles — an attack on Hershel's farm left the group bruised, bloodied, and heartbroken after some devastating deaths. The eternally beleaguered Andrea was separated from the group, and went off with a mysterious hooded figure who we now know to be Michonne. Michonne had two walkers shackled to her, which officially makes her a badass. Good — Andrea could use a positive female role model.

The rest of the gang (minus Jimmy, Shane, and Patricia — RIP) met on the highway, RV-less. Rick told everyone that he had killed Shane — news that wasn't particularly well-received. But that was nothing compared to the next bomb Rick dropped: He revealed the game-changing fact that Dr. Jenner whispered to him at the end of the first season — that all survivors are infected, and will become walkers after they die. Oh-no-no. A large prison loomed in the distance, and season three trailers have revealed that this prison will replace Hershel's farm as a main hangout for a good chunk of season three.


So, what will it be?

If you want to join Rick's gang at the prison, click here.

If you want to head off with Andrea and Michonne, click here. [PAGEBREAK]Welcome to prison! Where the beds are soft, and the company's inviting.

Congratulations — you've made a wise decision. Now you have plenty of empty beds, a great defense system, enough prison food to last eons in the Walking Dead universe, as well as the always-stellar company of the Grimes Gang. You have plenty of meaningful, existential conversations with Daryl, avoid the annoying Grimes couple at all costs, and every now and then, even T-Dog gets a word in.

So, for a few days, you're in post-apocalyptic paradise. Then, trouble hits — you hear a rumbling outside the fortress, and shock hits the group when they realize it's Merle Dixon, fighting a group of zombies in Cell Block C. Now, Merle is a notoriously shady character. Do you save him, and let him in?

If Merle lives, click here

If Merle dies, click here[PAGEBREAK]Congratulations, fan of badass women. You have joined Michonne and Andrea.

You have a tough road ahead of you — its just you, the two gals, a pair of dead walkers on chains, and a world of zombies that just-so-happen to think your flesh is a Happy Meal. Also, that Andrea isn't looking too hot. Since you're not exactly a whiz with the weaponry, that's a lot of dead weight on Michonne's able shoulders.

Thankfully, after a couple of weeks, help arrives — via a mysterious, inoffensively handsome stranger, calling himself 'The Governor.' He claims to have a safe, utopian paradise with your names all over it. You're hesitant, because you know that something that sounds too good to be true probably is, but the lack of food and safe housing has you desperate. Plus, Andrea really needs some DayQuil.

So, what do you do?

If you follow the mysterious man, click here.

If you convince Andrea and Michonne to kill him, click here. [PAGEBREAK]Merle Lives! RIP, T-Dog

You are such a humanitarian. Merle is a total d***, but you wouldn't want to isolate Daryl by turning him into zombie-chow. Thankfully, for most of you the decision to let Merle in was a good one — he helps you fight off all of the remaining walkers, and has an arsenal of weapons in his truck that will be sure to come in handy. (Get it? Handy? Because he only has one hand? I kill myself.)

Unfortunately, Merle also manages to get T-Dog alone with a group of walkers, and pushes him into them for the sake of revenge. RIP T-Dog — we'll miss hearing your one line per episode.

Merle also comes with some surprising news: He's heard of a mysterious safe-haven village nearby, run by a man known only as 'The Governor.' He wants to head there to see what's up (probably to take it over for himself.) You ignore this news for weeks, but soon, prison food supply starts to lower, and the group grows restless. So, what do you do?

So, what will it be?

If you decide to find the village, click here.

If you decide to stay put, click here.[PAGEBREAK]You killed Merle? What were you thinking?!

Wow. A — that's heartless. B — Did you really think he wouldn't find his way in, anyway? This is Merle we're talking about. The man cut off his own hand in the face of certain death. So, yeah, you're basically stupid. In a fit of violent rage, Merle cuts a hole in the fence and lets in a herd of walkers with him. Hershel is the first to go, since he got a DUI in real life, and everyone who gets a DUI in real life gets killed off on TV. While Merle whisks Daryl away, everyone dies except for you, and Carl. Now you have to spend the rest of your life with Carl. Congrats.

Game over, man. Click here to return to start.[PAGEBREAK]You went with the Governor! Welcome to Hell!

Welcome to Woodbury, GA! The town is really pretty, even if it sort of reminds you of that weird Dharma-ville from Lost. However, things quickly go astray. First, you realize that there aren't many women in the town, and the ones who are there are miserable, quiet, and/or pregnant. After some investigating, you learn that — much like in the film 28 Days Later — you will be used for hard labor if you're male, and forced baby-making if you're female. S***.

Michonne begins hatching up a plan for revenge, but the Governor quickly catches on and locks you guys up in an attic prison. Andrea's flu symptoms are getting increasingly worse, and you're beginning to think that things look pretty hopeless, since fighting off the Gov with his arsenal of weapons with only yours and Michonne's bare hands is risky business.

Then, one day, hope arrives — you hear the Grimes Gang in the distance, and even though you can't speak to them through your Governor-made prison, you overhear them plotting their own revenge. Breaking out of jail will still be tough, and Andrea is still mighty pissed at the Gang for generally ignoring her existence for months and leaving her to die at Hershel's farm. So — do you try to bust out and join them?

If you stay put and hope for rescue, click here.

If you join the newcomers in the fight, click here.[PAGEBREAK]You killed The Governor! But, congrats — you all die anyway.

You have great people-reading skills — you knew this guy was up to no good. Still, with no protection and herds of walkers closing in around you, you all die anyway. Andrea receives a nasty bite from this fella up here, then quickly rises to kill you for being such a poor-decision-making jerk.

Game over, man. Click here to return to start.[PAGEBREAK]You chose to follow Merle. Welcome to Woodbury, GA... suckers.

You arrive in Woodbury, where you quickly meet its oddly charming, potentially sociopathic leader, the Governor. Rick, being Rick, is immediately concerned — but Hershel is excited at the prospect of a nice home for Maggie and Beth, Lori needs a sterile environment to have her baby, and Carl is psyched to learn that they have candy. Ugh, Carl.

Within days, you learn that things aren't exactly what they seem. The candy tastes like crap, the guys and gals are put in separate bunkers, and the Gov is creepily obsessed with Lori's coming baby. You soon realize that this guy is trying to become the dictatorial ruler of a post-apocalyptic society, and the Grimes Gang wants nothing to do with that.

The thing is, you've also grown pretty tired. The Governor sees this in you, and coaxes you to stay with the promise of your own home, and a bright future safe from the walkers... all you have to do is keep him abreast of Rick's plans.

So, what will you do?

If you go with Rick's plan to fight the Governor, click here.

If you take the Governor's side, click here.[PAGEBREAK]You stayed in prison! Too bad it just got overrun by walkers.

Well, not listening to Merle is typically a good idea, but this time it doesn't quite work in your favor. A few weeks after Merle's departure, something wakes you up in the middle of the night: It's Hershel, who has become zombie-fied (because he got a DUI in real life, and that always gets you killed off early on TV). Hershel and a few other walkers quickly get to Lori, which enrages Rick to the point of insanity. Rick fights to the death, but it's not enough — the walkers tear through everyone, even Glenn and Daryl... they kill Glenn and Daryl! Only you and Carl survive, so enjoy your lifetime of fun with Carl.

Game over, man. Click here to return to start.[PAGEBREAK]You stayed put, and hoped for rescue. What a pansy!

Did you really think that three extra sets of hands wouldn't be HUGE in the fight against the Governor and his cronies? You watch your friends die from your attic window, (except for Carl, who miraculously survives), and resign yourself to a life of forced labor and baby-making in the Governor's dystopian hell. Michonne eventually hangs herself, and Andrea succumbs to her flu. That leaves you and Carl. Have fun with that.

Game over, man. Click here to return to start.[PAGEBREAK]You joined Rick, and fought the Governor! RIP, Hershel.

The battle is long and hard, but between Daryl's crossbow, Rick's sharp-shooting, Merle's insanity, and the sudden emergence of badass Michonne, you all emerge victorious. You do lose Hershel in the process, but he got a DUI in real life, so that was to be expected.

Within days, you free the trapped residents of Woodbury, and Daryl's soothing words help cure their Stockholm Syndrome. You grow a plentiful garden in the abundant Georgia soil, find houses for your respective families, and create your own little utopia amongst the madness. Sure, the occasional walker shows up, but with all of your weapons and food and medicine, you're very well-equipped to fight them. Oh, and Rick and Lori finally get ""a divorce"" so you don't need to hear their inane fighting all the time anymore.

You've won! Click here to return to start.[PAGEBREAK]You joined the Grimes Gang in their fight! RIP, Hershel.

Michonne kills your ""prison guard' using only her bare hands, and the three of you grab some weapons while the Gang is out fighting the Governor and his men. Michonne is merciless with her katana, and she manages to surprise the Governor and cut open this throat while the rest of the Gang watches, stunned. Unfortunately, while they're briefly paralyzed by Michonne's awesomeness, Hershel is shot by one of the Gov's most loyal men. RIP, Hershel. Next time don't drink and drive.

An enraged Maggie and her boy-toy Glenn help kill off the rest of the guys, and you're all finally free to live your lives in peace. The gang is reunited with the long-lost Andrea, and they're all, ""Oh, hey, Andrea..."" Carl finds some kids to play with in Woodbury, so he finally takes off his hat and gets significantly less annoying. Happy endings all around! (Well, except for Hershel.)

You've won! Click here to return to start.[PAGEBREAK]You took the Governor's side? What a jackass!

We know the Grimes Gang can be a major pain in the ass, but that doesn't mean you should go around betraying them every time an inoffensively handsome southerner promises you room and board. You fight against the Gang, and Daryl quickly shoots you in the throat with his crossbow. You die a gory, painful death, the emerge as a walker for a few seconds before Carl shoots you. HA HA. You get killed by Carl.

Game over, man. Click here to return to start.