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S.D. Corn Growers Exec Outlines Discussions on Crops and Ethanol

by Mark Brown

It's YOUR Agri Business covered ground from corn, soybeans, winter wheat, ethanol changes, beef herds with donated heifers and bull searching following the blizzard of 2013, while South Dakota Rural Agriculture made a trip to Chile and Peru to study ideas for future consumerism and sharing.

Rick Shields, Mid-west Communication Farm Director sorted out the Farm Front on the national scope; Michigan is still going through a winter that has much more snow than the Dakotas and neighboring states. The melt that will come will be common here and there. Just something else to talk about after the passage of the Farm Bill.

John Horder, S.D. Soybeans and Lisa Richardson, S.D. Corn Growers attended  the biggest commodity expo this time of year in San Antonio last week. With future prices projected low, the need for progressive ethanol limits both were good voices for their products in the show. Horder is a farmer from Britton and Lisa, Executive Director of the Corn Growers Association.

Bob Fanning, SDSU Plant Specialist weighed in on wheat conditions with a tough year. The moisture has been a plus and could spell a good wheat crop in our area in 2014.

Travis and Roger Starks are on the road and visiting the needs with producers in 2014. Howalt Univesity has courses you will want as well. Howalt McDowell is the IGrow.org sponsors -- for It's YOUR Agri-Business.

Rocky Boer, Plains Commerce Bank, has been working on the renewals but talking with those in Ag Circles about what's important to them and the consumers. Rocky explained that they are working with those in farm circles, particularly with crop prices affecting their projected bottom lines.

Jamie Crews, Marketer, Sec of Agriculture Office  in South Dakota, looked at the CRP donated hay program and what to do with the mountain pine beetles. Plus Legislators are now seeing the finish line in Pierre with cruelty to animals being a major question.

Silvia Christian, Executive Director South Dakota Stockgrowers, updates ranchers relief fund and was  joined by Kurt Zuehlke of a Britton farmer, President of the Class that made a Rural Leadership visit to Chile and Peru. What they found about South Dakota showed common interests, some grain talks as well as a better understanding about that produce, (i.e). apples market grown in Chile.

SDSU Beef Specialist Ken Olson outlined goals for cow herds after the blizzard with lost livestock. The challenged is donated heifers, the kind of bull needed to make sure that the long time look of the herd will not need pruning and culling years in the future.